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  • Gate Valves

    SEALMECH Gate Valves are Bolted Bonnet, Rising Spindle, Outside Screw & Yoke Type construction. SEALMECH Gate valves are available with Solid wedge, Flexible wedge, Split wedge, and Parallel wedge designs offer maximum flexibility and option to clients for their suitable selection. SEALMECH Gate Valve having Deep stuffing box, which provides assure tightness and maximum packing life. Separate properly machined and lapped back seat facilities are provided for replacement of Gland packing when valve is in stream under pressure.

    SEALMECH also offer extra long, extended bonnet Gate valve for low temperature and cryogenic services. Antifriction thrust bearing is provided in yoke sleeve for higher sizes and classes.

    SEALMECH Gate valves are available under any Third party inspection.

    SEALMECH Gate Valves are also available with Gear, Pneumatic Cylinder, Electrical Actuator operated along with accessories like Solenoid, Limit Switch, Air Filter Regulator etc.

    Design Standard API 600
    Inspection & Testing Standard API 598
    Face To Face As Per ANSI B 16.10
    End Connection langed End To ANSI B 16.5/BS 10 Table
    Buttweld End To ANSI B 16.25
    Size Range 1" To 12"
    Pressure Rating 150# To 300#
    Body / Bonnet ASTM A 216 GR. WCB
    Gate (Wedge) ASTM A 217 GR. WC1/WC6/WC9/WC11
    ASTM A 352 GR. LCB/LC3
    ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 /CF 8M/CF 3/CF 3M/CN 7M
    IS 210 GR. FG 200/220/250/260
    Seat, Spindle, Back Sheet Bush, Gland Bush AISI 410 (13% Cr.)/AISI 304/316/304L/316L/Alloy 20
    Yoke Sleeve C.S. / Gun Metal / EN1
    Gland Flange ASTM A 216 GR. WCB/AISI 304/316/304L/316LS
    Gland Packing Grafoil/Graphited Asbestos/P.T.F.E. "V" Ring
    Gasket CAF/Grafoil/S.S. Spiral Wound With CAF/Grafoil/P.T.F.E.
    Cross Pin & Nut ASTM A 193 GR. B7/ A 194 GR. 2H/S.S. 304/316
    Eye bolt & Nut ASTM A 193 GR. B7/ A 194 GR. 2H/S.S. 304/316
    Stud & Nut ASTM A 193 GR. B7/ A 194 GR. 2H/S.S. 304/316
    Hand Wheel IS 210 GR. FG 200/Ductile Iron/Cast Steel
    Grease Nipple Brass/S.S. 304/316

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